Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Idol eliminates two so "Whatya want from me?"

I read on the Internet yesterday, that American Idol voters would eliminate two contestants on last night's results show, because the judges used their one and only save last week, to keep Michael Lynche in the competition.

I thought it had to do with the introduction of Idol Gives Back, scheduled for next week, but apparently, I was mistaken.

Luckily, Michael stays around to entertain us, and I hope voters will not assume that he will be safe, and vote for him if he is one of their favorites.

The remaining 9 contestants sang a medley of Elvis' hits and it left me wondering where all these songs were the previous night during the performances.
I would like to have heard the contestants do Teddy Bear, Return to Sender, and Burning Love.

Ryan told Crystal and Siobhan they were safe. Moving on, he told Aaron and Casey they were safe, too. Then, not wasting too much time last night, Ryan Seacrest informed Andrew Garcia that it was the 'end of the road' for him. While I felt bad because the other contestants seemed very upset to see their friend and fellow contestant leave. However, I do not think Andrew Garcia fared as well in the competition so far, compared to some of the other contestants.

Former contestant from season 7, Brooke White sang Elvis' The Wonder of You, and I wondered who told Justin Gaston, who sang with Brooke, that he could sing. I thought the performance was dull and boring, but it was not a performance for the judges to critique, so I will not say any more about that.

Ryan had the remaining 5 contestants go to the middle of the stage. After the usual review of some of the stupider things the judges said the previous night, for example, Simon telling Tim Urban he "went from zero to hero", he told Tim and Casey that they were safe as well.

Before he told Michael, Lee, and Katie who would join Andrew on his trip home, Adam Lambert took the stage.
When I say he took the stage, he TOOK it! As much as I love David Cook's voice and wanted him to win the entire season of American Idol from audition to finale, Adam Lambert is officially my absolute favorite American Idol contestant of all time.

When American Idol brings guest singers on, they are big names that I am not wild about, or they are virtual unknown that I believe should stay that way. However, Adam Lambert is a different story altogether.

The performance was amazing; the special effects were the most spectacular thing I have ever seen, and his vocals? Flawless is the only way to describe it.

I said, and my 17-year-old son agreed, that as blown away as I was by that performance, that is what Adam Lambert did every week, during his run on American Idol last season. Still reeling from the shock of his loss to Kris Allen, I have to believe that it was a gift from God that he did not win, as was Chris Daughtrey's stroke of luck, because Daughtry is bigger and better than ever.

Adam Lambert is just starting out, but I get the sneaky suspicion that he will be performing and wowing audiences, young and old alike, for a very long time.

Finding it difficult to get riled up about the eliminations, as I normally do each week, Ryan tells Lee that he is safe, after some dramatic make-believe to throw us, and Lee off track.

Believing that voters could not make the same mistake twice not voting for Michael Lynche, I knew that we would be saying goodbye to Katie. I think now that Simon was right all along, that country should have been singing songs with a country 'twang' because I thought her voice was best suited for that.

Therefore, not too many surprises, but one heck of a performance by a former contestant in last year's "jumping the shark" finale, and a tribute to the 75-year-old King of Pop, made for a special results show last night.

Next week the 8 remaining contestants' mentor will be Alicia Keyes.

What did you think of the eliminations, and of Adam Lambert's performance of "Whatya Want From me?" My answer is simply "More"!

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