Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Idol looks to Crystal Bowersox to win tonight

I noticed an unbridled bias toward Crystal Bowersox on the finale performances of the two remaining contestants.

In light of Simon announcing on Ellen DeGeneres' show that he predicted Lee Dewyze would be the winner this year, I found their critiques of both contestants rather odd.

I though Crystal shouted through most of the song Black Velvet, but the judges appeared to be bowled over by her performance.

Don't get me wrong, I think Crystal Bowersox makes Kelly Clarkson sound mediocre, but I just thought the judges' laid it on a little thick last night.

Even Randy, who normally makes the most sense, did not give Lee the praises I thought he deserved.

I though his rendition of the song he will record if he wins, Beautiful Day, was flawless. I guess it was just another one of those nights where I wasn't hearing what the judges were hearing.

I thought Crystal did a wonderful job with Me and Bobby McGee and although she sung the song that she will record if she wins, called, Up to the Mountain, extremely well, I didn't like the song.

I am hoping that like in the Season 7 finale performances, Simon saying that David Archuleta blew David Cook away, was a mistake on his part, and he will say it againt tonight.

Tonight is Simon Cowell's last night on American Idol before he leaves to do his own reality competition show, The X Factor, and there are supposed to be many surprises for him.

Paula Adbul is slated to return tonight.

Whatever happens, I think that both Crystal and Lee will have successful music careers.

I was bothered by just one more thing last night, and that was Simon repeating him lame 'rags to riches' story about Lee Dewyze.

What makes him think that any Idol contestant, his pet favorites Kelly Clarson and Fantasia Barrino, included, would have made any kind of musical success without American Idol?

I hope Lee wins, but will be okay if Crystal does, and the only thing that will bother me about her winning, is how obvious the judges made it last night, that they want her to win.

Which one will it be?

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