Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowesox and American Idol fans all winners

I am thrilled that Lee Dewyze won the American title last night, but Crystal Bowersox is also a winner.

Talking to Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends this morning, Crystal talked about how happy she was for Lee to win American Idol last night. She graciously accepted the title of runner-up.

Brian also spoke to the winner, Lee Dewyze, and they talked about how Lee was not in the original 24, until Simon spoke up and said to put him in.

Lee said that the whole thing was an incredible, amazing experience, and he is still overwhelmed and grateful and he thanks Simon for his honesty and his help in giving him advice that he took to heart; the good and the bad.

Lee's personality gained him the admiration and respect from the other contestants who last night showed how happy they all were to see Lee win the title.

This year, for me, was the second year that both finalists were my favorites and the one I wanted to win, did indeed win.

The first time it happened was in Season 7 of American Idol. Both David Cook and David Archulteta were my favorites, and in my opinion, were the best. Both have found success in the music business.

Besides the anticipation of who would win last night, there were a lot of classic artists, some of my personal favorites, that performed on the show.

Daryl Hall and John Oates, Chicago, and the Bee Gees came on stage and performed with the contestants.

I really liked seeing the former contestants all come on stage for Simon Cowell's last appearance on the show, before he leaves to begin a new adventure and start a new show of his own.

David Cook was obviously missing from last night's show, and I was surprised that Simon did not react or interact with Kelly Clarkson, the one he always brings up on the show year after year.

It was nice to see Paula Adbul back. I think it was a huge mistake on the part of American Idol, to let her go. Now with Simon Cowell's departure, I think the show next season will be very different.

I think Janet Jackson's 'super bowl halftime' performance was a little much, and hearing Christina Aguliera and Alanis Morisette trying to compete with the voice and talent of Crystal Bowersox, was entertaining.

While I believe Carrie Underwood has the voice of an angel, I do not think she pulls off soul or R&B very well.

I muted the TV once again as Fantasia and Jordin sparked screamed into the microphones, but loved hearing Michael Lynche and Michael McDonald perform together.

I look forward to the first single and CD of both Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. I wish them both much success.

I am also excited about So You Think You Can Dance starting tonight. I understand that one of my favorite dancers of all time on that show, Neil, will be returning as they change the competition up a bit.

So, American Idol is over for another year. I have not heard yet who they are considering for Simon Cowell's replacement, except to say that Elton John reportedly turned down an offer.

Who will it be? What will happen to American Idol, now that it is losing its favorite judge we all love to hate at times. Simon Cowell.

All in all, I think it was a good finale.

Lee's first single will be "Beautiful Day", and I am sure when Lee got up this morning, he realized it was a beautiful day for him, and a happy day for all Lee Dewyze fans.

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