Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Idol voters leave one female contestant standing

Before competition began this season on American Idol with the top 24, Simon Cowell predicted a female would win this year.

I do not see anything odd about that, since the winners for the last two seasons were male, David Cook and Kris Allen.

What I did find strange last night was that American Idol viewers eliminated Siobhan Magnus the week that the judges gave her positive comments for the first time in weeks. Stranger still, all of the judges were disappointed with the favorite to win, Crystal Bowersox.

Call it conspiracy theory, call it luck of the draw, but Michael's performance on Tuesday night did not warrant a place in the bottom three either. Are fans hearing something that I myself, and the judges, are not?

Rascal Flatts performed instead of the finalists' group sing.

Ryan Seacrest announced that the contestants received 33 million votes. It sounds like a lot of votes, but to me, it sounds a lot lower than the number in previous seasons this late in the singing competition.

I enjoyed watching the contestants talk about the preparation that went into the new Ford commercial that featured the contestants as vampires, with Mike being the 'object' of the vampires' obsession.

Ryan then divided the contestants into groups, a tactic I have not liked since the
nightmare of Fantasia, with three groups of two.

In one group, there was Siobhan and Lee. In the second group was Aaron and Crystal, and in the third group, Mike and Casey. Ryan tells Crystal and Aaron they are safe. He tells Lee that he is also safe, leaving Siobhan, Mike, and Casey in the bottom three.

Carrie Underwood appears to push a band who tours with her, Sons of Sylvia, which my son thought were good, but I thought they needed the push because they were not that good.

The contestants got to do voiceovers for the new Shrek movie, where Ryan apparently has a speaking part.

Lady Antebellum performs and Rascal Flatts returns to the stage with Shakira. Finally getting back to the results, Ryan tells Mike that he is safe. Thinking that Casey would surely be the one to go home, Ryan tells Siobhan that she received the least amount of votes, and would be going home.

For me, Siobhan was the last one who could have given Crystal a run for her money to the finale, the way is clear now for Simon's prediction to come true.

Although I think that Mike and Aaron could have a successful career with a large fan base, I believe Lee is more marketable. I also believe that if you go by vocals alone, Crystal already won.

However, as we have all seen in other seasons of American Idol, the best is not always the winner.

I am disappointed that Siobhan went last night instead of Casey, but I still believe his time is running out; whether some think he is good looking, because it is supposed to be about the singing.

Next week Harry Connick Jr. will mentor the five remaining contestants with Sinatra tunes. I foresee Aaron, Lee, and Mike having the least amount of problems with this theme, but American Idol voters are a fickle bunch, so we will have to wait and see.

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