Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Idols Croon and Croak with King of Cool

I was excited to know that the last five remaining contestants were doing songs from the incomparable Francis Albert Sinatra. Frank was singing for 60 years and I was a fan in the late 60's and early 70's

I was disappointed that only two of the contestants sung songs from the hits he had during that time. Three contestants sung songs that Sinatra put out, but they were songs I knew better from another artist's rendtion.

I was glad to hear that Simon was a big fan of Frank Sinatra and it surprised me as well. Frank Sinatra's two daughters, Tina and Nancy Sinatra's, Nancy of "These Boots Were Made For Walking" fame, presented Simon with a handkerchief of their dad's.

Aaron Kelly sang, Fly Me to the Moon, and I thought he did a decent job of the song. It was different-sounding from the way I am used to hearing it. I love Bobby Darin's version of the song, but I thought given the age of Aaron, that he pulled it off.

Randy and Ellen agreed with me, but Kara being her usual obnoxious self had to mention that he did not do as well as last week. Since when do the judges critique the contestants from week to week. Does it not go by the votes?

I gave Aaron a B+ and do not think that Simon should say that compared to Sinatra being a lion, Aaron was the mouse, unless he said it to all the contestants. The reason I believe this is because although Harry Connick Jr. has come closer than anyone has before, to sounding like Frank, there will never be another.

Casey James sang Blue Skies and destroyed the song. He did seem like he was singing this song as a joke, like Simon suggested. He looked embarrassed and uncomfortable. The whole performance was pitchy and Randy thought so as well, and added that it was Casey's worse performance to date. Kara mentioned his vibrato being out of control and I just thought the whole thing was bizarre. I gave him a D for his performance and think he may go tonight. I thought he should have gone instead of Siobhan last week, and after his performance last night, maybe he thinks he should go, too. It almost felt like it was bad on purpose.

Crystal Bowersox is the one you cannot really ever say anything bad about, as far as her vocals go. She performed Summer Wind, that is one song I happen to be a big fan of, and I do not think she sounded as sleepy as Randy thought she did. I do not know what Ellen referred to when she said Crystal was swallowing her words, and Simon unnecessarily said that she had two "okay" weeks.

What I did not care for was the explanation or the excuse Crystal gave after the judges' critiques. I realize that it is most likely difficult to accept criticism when you really receive anything but praise. Still, I never liked the talking back to the judges. I also think that Simon may now be leaning more towards Lee, as I have been lately.
Michael Lynche performed The Way You Look Tonight, which is another song that is not as familiar to me as a Frank Sinatra song, as it is another singer's. I thought he did a fantastic job and he has the charisma that so many performers had during Frank Sinatra's heyday. I think Michael is one of the most versatile contestants, in that he seems to be able to handle any genre of music American Idol throws at him. I give Michael an A for his performance. I rarely give him anything less, and I think he nailed the song last night.

Lee Dewyze also nailed his performance of That's Life, one of my favorite songs of Frank Sinatra's. He did his own version, sort of, while keeping with the upbeat sing-along attitude that song has. I think his vocals were impeccable, he looked the part, and if I hear Kara mention his self-consciousness one more time, I may scream. Either that or I will have to mute the TV while she speaks. Randy loved it and most importantly for Lee, Simon said he was the best of the night. I think so, too, with Michael running a close second. I gave him an A as well, and think that he will go to the finale.

Since Simon insinuated that people are voting for Aaron Kelly on something other than his vocals or his performances, I will take that to mean that he has a strong fan base, and that Casey and/or Crystal even, could be in danger tonight.

When it gets down to the last five, all American Idol fans brace for the worst, that their favorite is voted off. This year, after Lilly Scott went home so early on in the competition, I really have not been that upset with others who also left the competition.

I will be surprised and disappointed if Lee and Michael are not around for at least the top three. I think even Crystal realizes now that simply because Simon predicted a girl would win, and all signs have pointed to that girl being her, regular Idol viewers know that nothing is a sure bet.

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