Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Idol voters predictably eliminated Big Mike

I was not at all surprised to see Michael Lynche go home last night on American Idol. Leaving Crystal standing with him to the end of the show was not fooling me one bit. I know that Crystal did not receive the second least amount of votes, and this was an attempt at causing controversy, when Idol's ratings need it more now than any other time in the show's history.

I enjoyed seeing Daughtry come back. I think it is generous of him to come back to the place where he started, even if he did not even make it into the finale in Season 5. I also enjoyed seeing Bon Jovi, but I was not crazy about the song he performed.

Michael Lynche, the one the judges saved weeks ago, went home night, but I think he will have a successful career in music. He is a versatile performer, who showed he could sing anything, but when the song has meaning, he sings it like nobody's business, as in the week he sang This Woman's Work.

I enjoyed Michael's performance of Eleanor Rigby on Beatles night and I think he has been a wonderful addition to American Idol this season.

I predict great things for Michael Lynche and coming in at #4 on American Idol worked out well for Chris Daughtry, so I think we will be hearing lots more from Big Mike.

I have not been a big fan of Casey James for some time now, and I think that Lee and Crystal should be in the finale. I thought that might be a possibility before last night's results show, but now I am left wondering if it will be a Casey vs. Crystal finale, which I will find about as interesting as the Fantasia/Degarmo finale of the Season 3 Nightmare.

Speaking of Fantasia, I muted the TV when she came on and did not un-mute it until she walked off the stage. I am not sure why they chose to have her on as a guest when she is one of the winners of American Idol dropped by her record label, and have Daughtry on the same platform, who came in fourth and became as big if not bigger than Clarkson.

Maybe it was a message of encouragement to Big Mike, letting him know that sometimes not winning American Idol can be a great boost to one's singing career.

My support will go to Lee all the way now, and when he goes, what little interest the show has for its fans, will most likely go with it.

So You Think You Can Dance and Hell's Kitchen cannot start too soon for me.

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