Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Idol movie night moving toward mature audience

I think I have figured out why American Idol is losing viewers this year. There have been too many references to sex and sexuality this year, for the 12-17 year olds who make up a large portion of the American Idol audience.

I also think this is because with Simon rumored to leave after this season, they are trying to attract a larger audience of adults. I believe this because of Ellen's comment last night, when talking about the song "Have you ever really loved a woman". She had to say that , "yes, she has", which for me was totally unnecessary and uncalled for, on a show geared towards the young people, who are the ones listening to, and buying the music that is popular today.

Before you start hollering and getting all worked up because I said that about Ellen, I want to say I am sick of the heterosexual sex talk about Casey and the joke about Kara's feelings for him.

It reminds me of the mess with Paula Abdul and Corey Clark, and the controversy surrounding what type of relationship they had with each other.

This is a singing competition; a reality show, and I do not think there is room or cause for the artists who appear on the show who dry-hump microphones, or touch themselves inappropriately in front of millions of people.

It is American Idol, and it is supposed to be about the contestants and their singing ability. It is not a show where people want to hear about who or what the judges are having sex with.

That being said, here are my thoughts on the performances of the four remaining finalists on American Idol. I think Jamie Foxx is an upstanding human being. I think he is charitable and a nice guy, and a pretty good actor. However, I think as far as being a wonderful singer, I am on the fence with that one. I think he is about as good as any of the other rap singers out there today, which I do not consider music or singing. For him to decide if the contestants are mere contestants or real artists, is pushing it a bit.

Therefore, to tell Lee Dewyze he did not appear to be an artist after his first performance last night, was outrageous.
Lee sung Kiss from a Rose, a song I always thought was boring, but I think Lee did a fine job of what he had to work with and the judges' comments only reinforce my thinking that they want Crystal to win in a big way this year, no matter what they have to do.

Kara continues to talk out of the stupid side of her mouth, comparing performances to prior weeks' performances, which really is not how American Idol voters choose who they will vote for, and those who have watched for years, know this is true.

Simon told Lee it sounded karaoke, and we all already know that he wants Crystal to be the next Kelly Clarkson, so anything he says to the more talented singers this year, all points back to that agenda.

I gave Lee an A for his performance. I do not like the song, it is too slow and boring, but he was able to make it less painful.

I also enjoyed his duet with Crystal, when they performed Falling Slowly. The judges fell all over themselves praising it and Kara even said it was her favorite moment, which I think she has probably said at least a half-dozen times already.

I still do not like the guitars; I think they are a distraction. I liked David Cook with the guitar, but no one else since.

Michael Lynche sung Will you be there, a Michael Jackson song, and I am glad that at least Simon noticed that Big Mike sang it as if he felt the words and meant every word. The other judges were less receptive to his performance, and Kara compared past performances again. I think he has real talent and a stage presence that could take him far in the music world, even if the judges are trying their best to have him eliminated.

I gave Mike an A for his performance. No one can emulate Michael Jackson, but he did give 100% to the performance, as Simon said, and I would like to see him in the finale with Lee.
Mike and Casey sung, Have you ever Really loved a Woman, and it was a good performance but the performance for me, was overshadowed with Ellen's remark about her love for a woman. People laughed, but there really was not anything funny or classy about it. It is not something that should be included in this show, especially with ratings being lower than ever in the show's history.

I hope that Casey is going to be the one eliminated tonight. I feel this way for the reason stated above, that sex talk should not be part of American Idol, and that is all they seem to talk about when Casey performs.

I also feel this way because as Casey James performed, Mrs. Robinson, I could not help thinking of Jason Castro and of Tiny Tim of Tiptoe through the Tulips fame. I just do not get it with Casey. I do not see the big deal about his looks, and although his voice is decent, I do not see him becoming the next Daughtry.

I gave him a C for his performance. He was just okay for me and he needs to lose the ukulele or whatever the instrument was he was using last night. He also needs to stop behaving as though he thinks he is too good for the show, or embarrassed to be on it, because he is not.

Crystal Bowersox, to my dismay, performed I'm All Right from Kenny Loggins and I was not as crazy about it as the judges were. I thought she would choose a song like Irene Cara's What a Feeling to do something different and show us what she has that makes her versatile. She did not do that for me.

The judges, of course, loved it and told her that she was back in the game, again referring to the last couple of weeks, where the judges did not fall all over themselves about Crystal's performances. They tell her she earned the Artist shirt Jamie Foxx said he would give to those who nailed the performance.

I gave her a B for her performance, but if the judges have their way, it will not matter anyway.

I think Mike and Lee outperformed Crystal and Casey last night. I think I am going to be disappointed with who the voters eliminate tonight, because I do not think it is going to be Casey.

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