Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Idol loses Aaron Kelly and keeps Casey James

After Tuesday night's performance, I stated that I thought Casey should go home, but the voters disagreed and sent Aaron Kelly home instead.

I am not as disappointed as I might have been in previous seasons. This year just has not been able to measure up to the last two seasons, talent wise, or otherwise.

Losing Paula Abdul was a big one for me, not liking Kara at all is another.

Season 7 was a great season, with lots of talent. There were only a few of the top 24 that I did not care for, and then last year there was Adam Lambert. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the results shows. This year it is just boring.

Last night's results show was made more interesting with Lady Gaga performing and with Harry Connick, Jr., basically stealing the show, with his humor, and the impression I got that he really cared about the contestants. Prior mentors were more there to promote themselves, I thought, except for Adam Lambert, who was an excellent mentor.

When Ryan split the contestants into two groups, I was certain that the shock of the night was going to be Crystal in the bottom two. While she has flawless vocals, as I repeat every week, I am less enthusiastic about her actually winning this year.

I cannot see Crystal performing songs like Lady Gaga or Katey Perry does. I do not see her as a success in country music, and I think record producers would have a difficult time deciding what genre she should sing.

I think Lee is the most marketable, at least for me. Apparently, the voters believe Casey has what it takes. I just thought that, as Simon said, Casey appeared embarrassed to sing a Frank Sinatra tune. Like Simon says often to some of the contestants, I felt that Casey acted presumptuously, thinking that he was too good an artist to sing a old song from a crooner of years gone by.

Therefore, when Ryan announced that Michael was in the bottom two again, my disinterest turned to annoyance. I used to think that the youngest viewers of the show, were the ones actually calling in and voting. I am not so sure this year.

I also think it is a different audience watching at home this year. Michael is every much as talented as Reuben, I believe, and because he is not shy as Reuben was, it gives him the stage presence and charisma that should take him far in the music business.

I felt bad for Aaron because he is so young and it may be harder for him to handle coming so close to the finale, but I think he will have a career. He appeals to the young and he is very talented. One thing I thought of last night was why they allowed Harry Connick to be such a huge presence on the stage again last night. I really enjoyed it, and at the same time, I wondered if maybe American Idol producers had approached Harry to be the possible replacement for Simon, if indeed, he does leave at the end of this season.

So, we are down to four. I think Simon may be swaying more towards a male winning this season, as long as that male is Lee Dewyze. We will have to wait and see.

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